Why Shop Online

Why Shop Online

Billions of people love to shop online – and why not? It’s convenient, safe, and usually cheaper.

1. It Saves Money:
One can easily save up to 50% of money by shopping at online websites as they sell items at a discounted price compared to physical stores. Further, there are too many online websites offering the same range of products, and the competition amongst them usually benefits the customer.

2. It Saves You Time.
If you are a busy person and have little time for shopping, then online shopping is the best for you. Also, with online price comparison websites like Google product search (Froogle), Abebooks, E-bay et cetera, it has become very easy to compare prices offered by different shops.

3. It Saves Cost of Gas:
Online shopping also saves the skyrocketing cost of Gas. The cost of gas alone would cover most shipping costs.

4. Your Money is Safe:
Most of the online eCommerce websites offer Google Checkout and Paypal as payment methods. These are the most secure payment methods and it guarantees that your money is safe and that you will get the item you purchase. So, you can purchase items from less established e-commerce websites without any fear.

5. Ideal for Sending Gifts:

Online web stores do ship orders directly to the recipient of a gift and hence saving your time, postage, and gas cost. Some websites also offer the service to send anonymous gifts so that the recipient just keeps guessing about the sender of the gift! Some websites also offer the option of getting items gift wrapped for a small amount of extra money.

6. You can Pre-order Items:
Items with high demand like the Harry Potter series, go out of stock very quickly after they are released. Pre-ordering such items is another feature that most of the online stores offer. This way you can reserve a copy for yourself without being worried about the release date.

7. Items can be Returned
Mostly, all eCommerce websites offer the facility of returning items if found to be defective or incompatible. However, these websites usually put a time limit by which items must be returned in order to get a full refund. Hence it is advised that you read the returns policy of a website before purchasing the item and if the item received is defective, the matter should be brought to the notice of the seller website immediately.

8. Gift Certificates
Online shops are the most appropriate place to buy gift certificates as these websites ship them to the gift recipients for free and the recipient can buy an item of their choice.

9. No Need to Carry Shopping Bags

With online shopping, you do not need to carry shopping bags and moving around from one shop to another and waiting in lines. Just order it online and the item will be delivered right at your doorsteps.

10. Rebates and Loyalty Bonuses

These days many websites are offering Loyalty Bonuses and Rebates to loyal customers who keep coming back with their business. This adds to the savings you can make by shopping online. All these points show the importance of online shopping, however, there are thousands and thousands of online eCommerce websites but only a few are quality websites that offer huge discounts without compromising with the quality of service. Selecting the right website is another important factor in online shopping and I will discuss it in my next article.
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Your Way To Health Inside And Out With A Treadmill

Your Way To Health Inside And Out With A Treadmill

Treadmills offer a great alternative to walking outside as well as much more versatile than outdoor walking especially in choosing your terrain and walking attributes. Treadmills are a great investment because they are easy to set up and use. There is no special training when using a treadmill that might be necessary when using weight training equipment or other fitness machines. The price of treadmills is going to vary quite a bit. For a low-end model of a treadmill, the cost is going to range from 300 to 2000 dollars, for the high-end people can easily drop over 5000 dollars for a deluxe model.

The price varies usually due to the computer system that is present within the treadmill. Many treadmills of the feature of recording stats including heart rate, time, calories, fat, and distance. Another feature that should be taken into consideration is the horsepower of the treadmill. For the average consumer, a treadmill should offer a continuous duty rating. While some treadmills may brag about their peak horsepower which could be extremely high this means at ideals conditions the treadmill might be able to achieve that. Therefore it is most important to know what the motor of the treadmill can be regularly and consistently. Treadmills can also be very noisy. If noise is a concern for you then seek out treadmills that have DC motors which are significantly quieter then the alternatives.

Treadmills should be strong and stable. When you are testing out a potential treadmill for purchase make sure you are dressed as if you are actually going to exercise and wearing your running shoes. Check the rails to make sure they are properly secured and you can easily wrap your hand around them. Other things to check is if the running path and belt are large enough for you to run on. Another great feature of treadmills is that they are programmable and can be preset. This is a great way to make your exercise experience more enjoyable. Also, a bottle holder and magazine rack are handy conveniences when doing a daily workout.

Take into consideration the amount of space you have to devote to your treadmill this will determine which type of treadmill is best for you. Remember to measure your space and bring home the dimensions of the treadmill first. Most exercise equipment looks small on the sales floor but can be too big for a normal-sized room. Many treadmills fold up if you are seeking a fold-up model measure the space you have to house it and buy accordingly.

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Some People Can’t Handle Money

Some People Can’t Handle Money

A prominent new york lawyer of wide experience says that, in his opinion, ninety-nine out of every hundred of those who make money or won the lottery or inherit it, lose it, sooner or later. What a spectacle, everywhere in this land of plenty, of inexhaustible resources and unlimited opportunity, where every man ought to be a success but to see God’s noblemen living like peasants because they never learned how to handle money in a business way! How many thousands of good, honest men and women there are in this country who have worked very hard and made all sorts of sacrifices of comfort and luxury in order to lay up something for the future, and yet have reached middle life or later without having anything to show for it, many of them finding themselves without a home or any probability of getting one, without property or any money put away for sickness, for the inevitable emergency, or for their declining years!

Its incredible that a strong, sturdy, self-made man, who has had to fight his way up from poverty, and who feels the backache in every dollar he has earned, should let his savings slip through his fingers in the most foolish investments, with scarcely any investigation, often sending his money thousands of miles away to people he has never seen, and about whom he knows practically nothing, except through an advertisement which has attracted his attention, or through the wiles of some smooth, unprincipled promoter. Great numbers of vast fortunes in this country have been and are being built upon the very ignorance of the masses in regard to business methods. The scammers bank on it, that it is easy to swindle people who do not know how to protect or handle their money. They thrive on the ignorance of their fellow man. They know that a shrewd advertisement, a cunningly worded circular, a hypnotic appeal will bring the hard earnings of these unsuspecting people out of hiding-places into their own coffers.

For the sake of your home, for the protection of your hard earnings, for your peace of mind, your self-respect, your self-confidence, whatever else you do, do not neglect a good, solid business course, and get it as early in life as possible. It will save you from hardship and many of falls, from a thousand embarrassments, and perhaps from the humiliation of being compelled to face your wife and children and confess that you have been a failure. It may spare you the mortification of having to move from an upscale home to a poor one, of seeing your property slip out of your hands, and having to acknowledge your weakness and your lack of foresight and thoughtfulness, or it may prevent you being made the dupe of a shyster. How many inventors and discoverers have fought the fight of desperation amidst poverty and deprivation for years and years, and have succeeded in giving the world that which helps to emancipate man from drudgery and to ameliorate the hard conditions of society, and yet have allowed others to snatch their victories away from them and leave them penniless, just because they did not know how to protect themselves!

Thousands of people who were once in easy circumstances are living in poverty and wretchedness today because they failed to put an understanding or an agreement in writing or to do business in a business way. Families have been turned, penniless, out of house and home, because they trusted to a relative or a friend to “do what was right” by them, without making a hard and fast, practical business arrangement with them. It does not matter how honest people are, they may forget, and it is so easy for misunderstandings to arise that it is never safe to leave anything of importance to a mere oral statement or chance. Reduce it to writing. It costs but little, in time or money, and when all parties interested are agreed, that is the best time to formulate the agreement in exact terms. This will often save lawsuits, bitterness, and alienations. How many friendships have been broken because understandings were not put in writing! Thousands of cases are in the courts today for this reason, and a large part of lawyers’ incomes is derived from them.

Many people have a foolish idea that others, especially friends or relatives, will be sensitive and think their honesty questioned if they are asked to put their proposition, or agreement, or understanding in writing. It is not a question of confidence. It is a question of business, and business should be done in a business way, so that in case of death, or some other unforeseen event, every possibility of complication or misunderstanding will be eliminated. The very people you may think will be sensitive or offended because you are so exacting will really think more of you for your straightforward business methods and your carefulness in avoiding misunderstanding.

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