What Facebook is all about Nowadays Everybody knows what Facebook is, even people that do not use it know what it is. This is because Facebook has transformed from a niche social site for college students to the largest and most widely used social media platform in the world. Yet in spite of its social media tag, Facebook has become a platform that appeals both to regular people and to businesses, because it has something in store for everybody. Let’s find out what it is that makes it so valuable in the online world.

Facebook for Social Facebook is primarily a social media network designed specifically for social interaction. What differentiates Facebook from other social networks, and what has made it so special is the plethora of easy to use features that allows people from all around the world to find and interact with like-minded people even when they are separated by regional and cultural barriers. Facebook allows people to create online profiles complete with personal photos and pictures to showcase socially centered occurrences, where people can list their interests and preferences, as well as post their contact information, so others can get in touch with them.

The site’s popularity, combined with all these features, has made it the perfect platform to locate long-lost friendships and to meet new friends. Facebook is also a great venue for entertainment for people from all walks of life, because they can use the platform to play games, to live chat with Facebook friends and to share video content. Some of the most popular social features offered by the Facebook platform include photo albums that can be shared with friends and with other people, comments on other people’s profiles, and Facebook “groups” which are often used by families and groups of friends as hubs to share content privately.

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