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Basically, reliability in this instance means your website is up and running as much as possible. I don’t want to blast any hosts in the guide, but when I started out we had hosting with a certain company, and our uptime in North America was great, but thanks to an overseas friend we realized our site was constantly offline in Europe and Australia. This was a big hit to us, because England and Australia make up a nice chunk of English speaking population, and was an area we targeted with our Google Ads. Research is the only way. You need to be doing Google searches and finding reviews for each host you are considering. Google searches for hosting information, can be tough because so many hosting affiliates dominate the top of Google. A lot of it will come down to common sense, with enough practice you will be able to figure out what reviews are promotional. One thing to keep in mind is Forum or Message Board threads that come up in searches are often less promotional and more of a consumer’s point of view. Perfect for your needs. Do you constantly seek quality information to provide to your readers?
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